Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Car Camping

My little sister Rosie was put outside when she was noisy during the prayer for dinner. She was put out on our patio, and there is a door out there that you can get into our garage through. She opened the door and went inside. We continued eating dinner, until my mom decided to go check on her to see if she wanted to come back inside to eat. She went into the garage, and came back with a big smile on her face. "She's curled up in the cat bed." It seems that Rosalie had gotten cold and had pulled the cat out of her bed and curled up in there instead. Poor cat.

We ate for a while longer before we went to check on her again. Mom and I peeked back into the garage but Rosie was not in the cat bed anymore. We looked all over the house, she was nowhere. We came back to the table where Dad was still eating, and he said "Have you looked in the car?" I went out to look, and sure enough there was Rosie all huddled up in the corner of the car. I guess the cat bed wasn't warm enough. I opened the door and tried to convince her to come in to eat, this is kind of how our conversation went.

"Do you want to come in and eat?"
"I'm never going to go back in the house ever again!"
"What are you going to do when it gets dark?"
"I'm gonna sleep in the car."
"Won't you get cold?"
"I'll get my pillow and blanket to sleep."
"I thought you said you were never going to go back in the house again."
"I'll go in the night and get 'em."

I didn't know what to say so I started to leave. She said "Wait! I meed you to stay!" (She always says need, "meed")

"Why?""I'll be all alone. You meed to stay and sleep here too."
"If I sleep in the car with you, will you come and eat dinner?"

So that night Rosalie and I slept in the car. Meredith saw us going out, and said "I want to come!" I asked her why she wanted to and she said in an exasperated tone, " 'Cause, it's super fun to sleep in a weird place.

She was right, it was fun. We folded back the seats and put blankets underneath us as cushions. I told them a beautiful story about a family of raccoons, (I'm a pretty good story teller. In fact, the other day Chloe said, "Lissa! Can you come babysit us and tell a story?") and except for the crick in my neck when I woke up, it was a fun night.


  1. -enjoyable posts. Who is the artist of the watercolor painting posted on your profile page?

    1. My grandpa. His name is Steve Songer. You can find him if you look him up. He is a great artist!