Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sibling Spotlight

I'm going to do a post about a sibling every so often. I think I'll start with Rosie. There are so many things I like about Rosie. She is pretty crazy. Here I'll list some reasons.

Exhibit A
She dresses in crazy outfits


Exhibit B
She draws crazy pictures

This is Rapunzel. The long yellow things are her braids
This is a drawing of Rosie doing a handstand in the grass.

This is a letter to Grandma Ferguson.

This is her drawing a reindeer.

This is her on a stage ready to preform

This is a princess version of her.

This is one of my favorites. It's a fairy. I just love the layered 

skirts and the flowers in her hair.The rain is also cool.

She drew this on the same day as the fairy. It's a little less fancy 

but still adorable.

 And Exhibit C
She sings every day and makes up crazy songs

 All in all, she's a crazy, fun, adorable little girl