Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Baby Brown Blessing

My cousin Katie Brown recently had her first baby. His name is Ethan and he is adorable. They had his blessing just one week after he was born because their uncle was in town and was about to leave. They wanted him to be able to come too, so they had an early baby blessing. After going to their sacrament meeting for the blessing, we went over to their house. We ate a delicious dinner, and cooed over the new baby for a while. Then Hannah, Anderson, and I went down into the woods. The Pulsiphers's backyard goes down into some amazing woods with tiny little flowers along a path that leads to a huge river. The river is scary because it is not ground level. The river is clear down in a huge ravine. We had to go and keep the little adventurous toddlers away from it because it would be really easy to slip and fall in. While we were watching the kids, Hannah and I started to gather some of the tiny flowers. We started being chefs and made soup and desserts out of the flowers and other plants. Anderson and the Cresap boys joined in and gathered flowers and plants and brought them to us.(It was really cute because they were pretending to be soldiers and were like "O.K. men they need more yellow flowers, move out! Get those flowers at all costs.") I came out to bring more plants for the "soup" we were making when I found a small snail shell. I put a tiny purple flower in it and called it a tart. Then while Anderson was looking for certain kind of flower we had requested, he stumbled on a huge jackpot of snail shells! He brought about twenty over to the table. Hannah and I set to work and soon made tons of little "tarts". It was a lot of fun. Here are some pictures that I took with my phone.

And here is cute and adorable baby Ethan!

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